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Internet is full of outdated information about on-line marketing, equally too many people advise on it, but lack the expertise to do so. This creates a big challenge for small and medium enterprises to separate signal from the noise.
We at Essential Gravity have set out to provide you with a service that is not just top-class and up-to-date, but also future facing so that advise implemented will stand the test of time.
There’s a big difference between cheap and budget, plain and simple, it works and it performs.


Every engagement starts with understanding your business, your audience and the the industry you operate in. Then together we define what you want to achieve followed by a roadmap on how our services can help you get there.
You’ll have the flexibility to either rely fully on our experts or to take on part of the work yourself – for example producing new content.
Creativity, automation, integration and transparency enables the delivery of the results you were looking for.

Why us

Our team has gained a truly diverse experience. We have provided digital solutions to small charities and Fortune 500 companies in Finance, Legal, IT, Luxury and FMCG industries across EMEA, North America, APAC and MENA regions.

If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing well. Passion is the difference between ticking the box and pushing the envelope. Passion is what defies lack of resources and embraces resourcefulness.

By combining experience and passion you can rest assured that you will receive a world-class service.

Reality check

We’re not for everyone. We work with people who don’t want to dabble and want to achieve outstanding results.

People who know that building a big house requires a strong foundation and time to lay one. People who appreciate the time and effort it takes to master a craft and know the true cost of “cheap”. People who understand that “silver bullet” solutions just like unicorns are found only in science fiction.

We are committed to delivering exceptional work and believe that you should enjoy the process while you’re at it.

That is why 80% of our clients have came through recommendations.

Sounds like your cup of tea?

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